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PressFoto Group was established in 2005. Today PressFoto is a holding company that incorporates various projects in microstock photography.

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Production studio Pressmaster was established in 2007. Due to our focus on creating high-quality photos we managed to become one of the market leaders. Over the years our team has increased to several dozens of skilled specialists.


Searching for new opportunities we took up video line in 2013 and created a separate team. Since then we have been updating our portfolio weekly. Today you can check out over 6,000 videos of our collection.


In 2015 audio specialists joined our team. We created an independent audio studio for them. Today they work as an independent production studio that produces musical compositions for the microstock market.

The largest Russian stock production studio that was set up in Chelyabinsk city in 2005. Under PressMaster brand there is a team of passionate professionals who are devoted to what they are doing. Their talent and deep insight into marketing let them create commercial photos, video and audio files that always pop up first on the search result pages of the world’s leading stock agencies. Customers appreciate the unique feel, emotional appeal and beauty of works by PressMaster studio that’s why you can often see them in ads and on different products all over the world.
The Mediaphotos team has existed on iStock since 2008, and it is an exclusive author. We are constantly trying to improve quality of photographies emphasising nonstaged and "live" photos. That's why our models often become our best friends. We consider that such children's features as curiosity and craving for experiments is an essential part of creative process. So we try to behave like children, performing our work, and explore the world by using the visual language of photography.
The largest stock studio in Vietnam that was set up in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh city. The studio specializes in producing stock photos with Asian touch. They also produce commercial customized photo shoots. Today DragonImages portfolio is the richest collection of photos featuring Asian models in the world market of stock nonexclusive photography.
The online microstock agency providing professional licensed photos, vector illustrations and video. It was founded in 2009 in Russia. PressFoto has got an unusual approach to compiling collections as opposed to the other microstock agencies. The number of photos never exceeds 10 mln but our collection is regularly updated and includes only relevant and commercially successful pictures. Thanks to collaborating with skilled contributors PressFoto is considered an ideal microstock agency for any project. Our careful and helpful Customer Service provides both customers and contributors with comprehensive support in dealing with the microstock.
A unique free service that provides reliable protection of digital images against illegal online usage. MediaStamp site allows you to mark each issued copy with a special digital stamp that can’t be observed, deleted or changed. Even if the photo is edited or saved in another format, the digital mark will never disappear and will display the original author’s name. Owing to MediaStamp photographers no longer have to worry about their copyright protection.
Business-center “Pavlovskiy”
82A Truda st., office 501
Chelyabinsk, 454091